Preconception Care

Good fertility equals good health. What's good for your fertility will be good for your overall health, and vice versa. Fertility optimization’s goal is to have the healthiest baby possible, which starts before conception and continues after birth. The research has shown that the first 1000 days of life, starting at conception, are the most important for determining the long term health of the individual. I go further and believe that beginning optimizing the health of the parents before conception occurs along with support for the first 1000 days of life, will result in the healthiest possible child.

The Top Reasons for Preconception Care 

  1. Optimize egg and sperm - quality and epigenetics.
  2. Create the healthiest baby possible.
  3. Create a state of balance and build up reserves to get you through pregnancy and the first year of baby.
  4. Conscious conception.



  1. Assess potential environmental exposures and measure immune markers as well as levels of toxins in the blood or urine. 
  2. Assess the menstrual cycle and hormones, through charting and potentially blood testing.
  3. Assess diet and test nutrient levels in blood.  
  4. Test basic blood work to optimize your fertility and prep for pregnancy.


Personalized TREATMENTS

  • Lifestyle changes to decrease stress along with counseling and personalized stress management techniques.  
  • Dietary counseling and food analysis for optimal nutrient levels and lowering inflammation.
  • Nutritional supplements and herbs to support reproductive organs, adrenal glands, detox, digestive health, and/or nutrient levels.
  • Individualized detox protocols.