Have you ever, or do you currently, suffer from depression? Depression can be mild, moderate or severe and is a huge impact to those who suffer from it. Most people will experience depression at some point in their life. Many people want to avoid pharmaceutical medications for their depression. In addition, the research shows that current pharmaceuticals available for depression don't work most of the time. Luckily there are so many natural options out there to help with your depression.

The Most Common CAUSES OF Depression

  1. Emotional tension and stress.
  2. Lack of essential nutrients and movement in your life. 
  3. Dysregulation of the circadian rhythm.
  4. Thyroid disorder - hypothyroidism can contribute to depression.
  5. Lack of vitality.



  1. Assess stress levels (mental, emotional, and physical). 
  2. Assess circadian rhythm.
  3. Assess basic lab work to rule out organic cause of depression.
  4. Assess diet for nutrient levels and inflammatory foods.
  5. Assess for underlying mental/emotional causes of depression. 


Personalized TREATMENTS

  • Lifestyle changes to decrease stress along with counseling and personalized stress management techniques.  
  • Circadian rhythm therapy.
  • Dietary counseling for optimal nutrient levels.
  • Nutritional supplements and herbs to support mood and/or nutrient levels.
  • Hydrotherapy to balance nervous system and optimize nutrient levels.