Seasonal allergies and food allergies are on the rise. If you experience either you know how much it can affect your day to day life! I've healed my own seasonal and food allergies and I want to help others do the same. The first step is identifying the underlying your allergies, contributing factors, and to reduce the overall toxin load your body has to deal with. 


The Most Common CAUSES OF Seasonal Allergies

  1. Foods irritating your system, leading to chronic inflammation and an overactive immune system.
  2. Environmental exposures: Toxins, viruses, bacteria, molds, electromagnetic frequencies (EMF). Think of it like a glass of water - Our body (cup) has a certian ability to deal with toxins it's exposed to. If our cup (body) is overflowing with toxins it has to deal with, it has a low capacity to deal that one more drop (allergen) into the cup.
  3. Nutrient deficiencies from an imbalanced diet or poor digestion/absorption of food. 



  1. Assess for foods that might be irritating your system.
  2. Assess potential environmental exposures and measure immune markers as well as levels of toxins in the blood or urine. 
  3. Assess diet and test nutrient levels in blood.  


Personalized TREATMENTS

  • Dietary counseling for your personal anti-inflammatory diet.
  • Support your over-active immune system through hydrotherapy, nutritional supplements and herbs to support your your histamine response, detox pathways, and/or nutrient levels.
  • Personal detox plan including in-office hydrotherapy treatment for a gentle detox.
  • Plan to clean up allergens and toxins in your environment.