Do you have occasional or daily headaches? There are many possible underlying causes.


The Most Common CAUSES OF Headache

  1. Emotional tension and stress leading to muscle tension.
  2. Physical misalignment and eye strain.
  3. Environmental exposures: Toxins, viruses, bacteria, molds, electromagnetic frequencies (EMF).
  4. Foods irritating your system, nutrient deficiencies and poor blood sugar balance.
  5. Hypertension.
  6. Acute illness such as the common cold, strep throat, or the flu.



  1. Assess stress levels (mental, emotional, and physical). 
  2. Assess physical causes including structural and blood pressure.
  3. Assess potential environmental exposures and measure immune markers as well as levels of toxins in the blood, hair, or urine. 
  4. Assess diet and test nutrient levels in blood as well as investigate digestive health through stool analysis or symptom picture.  


Personalized TREATMENTS

  • Address any acute infection or organic disease such as hypertension.
  • Personal detox plan if indicated.
  • Physical medicine such as hydrotherapy, craniosacral therapy and muscle energy stretching.
  • Lifestyle changes to decrease stress along with counseling and personalized stress management techniques.  
  • Dietary counseling for lowering irritation in your system and optimizing nutrient levels.
  • Nutritional supplements and herbs to support pain relief, vascular support, and/or nutrient levels.