Have you ever had a fitful night of sleep? If you are like most people the answer is a loud YES! The next day your brain and body don't function as well, you're more emotionally taxed and less empathetic, your immune system is weakened, and studies have shown that your driving reaction times are comparable to a drunk driver! Many people are chronically getting less sleep than their bodies need. This has far reaching effects on our over-all health. If you regularly experience trouble falling asleep, trouble staying asleep, or waking too early you may have chronic insomnia. To make matters worse, many people use sleeping pills, alcohol, or other substances to help them fall asleep. These all interfere with our normal circadian rhythm and sleep patterns, resulting in enough hours in 'asleep' but not enough refreshing deep sleep. 

Most Common CAUSES OF Insomnia

  1. Circadian rhythm imbalance.
  2. Emotional tension and stress.
  3. Physical pain.
  4. Nutrient deficiencies and poor blood sugar balance.



  1. Assess sleep type and lifestyle, medications and environmental factors that might be impacting sleep.
  2. Assess mental/emotional factors that may be involved. 
  3. Assess diet and and blood sugar levels for potential blood sugar imbalance and nutrient deficiencies.   


Personalized TREATMENTS

  • Circadian rhythm therapy including light therapy, herbal and nutrient support.
  • Lifestyle changes to decrease stress along with counseling and personalized stress management techniques.  
  • Pain management. 
  • Dietary counseling for optimal blood sugar regulation.