Post-Winter Dry Skin

Post-Winter Dry Skin

Post-Winter Dry Skin

Spring is here and I can see the light of sunshine at the end of the dark winter tunnel. I can't wait for some sun! Sitting in the sun, walks in the sun, laying in the sun, swimming under the sun, give my some sun! One problem - the Winter has left my skin feeling less supple than I'd like for dress and shorts season. 

The winter dries out our skin by a few ways. Mostly though it's from dehydration of the skin, lack of enough topical oils, and not enough essential nutrients the skin needs to be soft and supple during this time.

Our skin gets ‘dried out’ when we run the heat in our homes, offices and schools. Even though spring is here, the heaters are still running, causing dehydration of our skin still, and our bodies in general, especially as we sleep. Do you notice you wake up more thirsty in the Winter and Spring? I do!

More Moisture Please!

I have some natural beauty tips for you to try at home to soften that dry skin. There are 2 ways to add more moisture to your skin. First is the internal route, making sure you are getting enough water, fats and essential vitamins and minerals that the skin needs to be radiant. Another approach internally is to make sure your organs, such as the liver and GI are working optimally to get toxins out of your body. The second approach is topically through lotions, oils and creams.

To help add more moisture to skin from the inside out, add extra water every day, drinking 16oz soon after waking and another 16oz before you leave the house in the morning. You can also eat more healthy fats such as sesame oil, avocado, nuts and seeds, coconut oil, and ghee. 

To help fight the dryness topically, I recommend you slather your skin with non-toxic lotions after you get out of the bath or shower.

Our immune systems are also commonly ramped up in Winter, dealing with bacteria and viruses we are exposed to. This immune ramp-up uses extra key nutrients like zinc and vitamins E and C, which are necessary for soft and supple skin.

Vibrant, Glowing Skin

Lastly, our skin is reflective of our overall health. It’s usually one of the first things we notice about people. The best approach I’ve found for healthy skin and is optimal health. It includes all of the lifestyle things for optimal health AND a good topical routine.

People who are healthy tend to have vibrant, glowing skin.

The best skin regime is a 4 step system:


  1. Topical – a non-toxic and clinically targeted approach.
  2. Lifestyle – diet, sleep, movement
  3. Hydration – ½ your weight in ounces for supple skin.
  4. Nutrients – adding in key supplementation for the skin to be it’s brightest.


We’ve put together a package for your Skin Reset!

Package Includes:

  1. Youth Recovery Skincare Kit by Leaf People. 'Six essential steps that target key areas, enhancing vibrance. Antioxidant rich botanicals rejuvenate and firm skin, fade age spots & wrinkles and restore delicate eye area.' See all products included here:

  2. Anti-Inflammatory Diet: get a cleansing diet guide designed by Dr. Jessica Bernardy.

Package price: $130 **

** Add on key skin supplements to this package for $50, Carlson’s ACES+Zn and Cod Liver Oil.

Put your order in today! Packages can be shipped* or picked up in our Hood River location.

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Want a more targeted approach? Schedule an appointment to talk about your skin goals and overall health goals! Dry skin can also be a sign of an under-active thyroid. If you have chronically dry skin talk to your doctor about the possibility of hypothyroidism.



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