Grateful to be serving patients in person in Santa Cruz, CA, Hood River, OR, and virtually around the world.

Grateful to be serving patients in person in Santa Cruz, CA, Hood River, OR, and virtually around the world.

“Dr. Bernardy was a healer to me in every sense of the word. She used technology, experience, wisdom and a gentle touch to ascertain the GI issues I was grappling with. She created an elegant treatment plan tailored to my busy schedule. The plan included the use of constitutional hydrotherapy which uses sine waves to stimulate circulation and the migrating motor complex. She also provided some very useful affirmations to use when my belly was especially upset, as well as some rescue homeopathy drops. She definitely helped with my long-term problem. Her smile and gentle touch are the very definition of the art of medicine.”

“We recently started seeing Dr. Bernardy when we moved into the area. We were looking for a pediatrician who had a more natural mind-set and I am so glad I stumbled upon Rosebud Natural Medicine’s website in my search. Dr. Jess was so patient and friendly with our very active and inquisitive three year old at his visit. She was thorough in her examination and provided a food intolerance test which provided information of which we were never aware. I appreciate her knowledge in holistic treatment and her desire to get the entire body healthy from the inside out so it can do it’s best to stay that way. I highly recommend Dr. Bernardy to any family searching for a pediatrician or family doctor.”

“Dr. Jess is the second doctor I have ever completely trusted. She combines two very important traits: compassion and a desire to constantly be learning. All docs are smart, but few have the ability to connect with their patients, and few keep learning and seeking knowledge after their rigorous schooling. I was blessed to grow up with impeccable naturopathic care at the Windrose Clinic with Dr. Letitia Dick-Kronenberg. Now, I am glad to have someone who is closer to my home who I can trust just as much!”

“Dr. Bernardy helped me manage a mastitis at 6 weeks postpartum. She did a home visit, which was great for me with a toddler and a newborn at home. She was great at helping me manage the infection without antibiotics. Wonderful experience, I’d recommend working with her. “

I so greatly appreciate the reviews and acknowledgements I have received. Telling people about our work together and sending your loved ones to me is the highest appreciation I can receive. If you would like to add your review, please to write me through the form below.

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Dr. Jessica Bernardy

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